About Us

AERO MOULD is a Chinese specialty manufacturer of plastic injection moulds. Through many years of evolvement, we have gained a wealth of experience and prided ourselves in designing and customizing diversified high-quality molds for many industries, such as packaging, food, home appliances, pipes, etc. Up to now, our standard and nonstandard injection molds have been sold to more than 20 countries and won high recognition from countless customers. Details

Mold Examples
    1. Injection Molding for Packaging Industry
    2. Injection Molding for Packaging Industry AERO MOLD offers mold customization services for plastic packaging industry uses, including cosmetics packaging molds, food packaging molds, beverage bottle injection molds, disposable container molds and other plastic packaging molds.
    1. Plastic Injection Molding for Household Products
    2. Plastic Injection Molding for Household Products Plastic features a wide application range in our daily life, ranging from personal hygiene products, to toys, and everything in between. Because of that, we produce both hot runner and cold runner molds for the production of just about any plastic product our customers may need.
    1. Plastic Molding Solution for Home Appliance
    2. Plastic Molding Solution for Home Appliance AERO MOLD offers mold design and processing services for plastic products within the home appliance industry, such as those for juice extractors, water fountain shells, refrigerator cabinets, air-conditioner shells, and fan blades.
    1. Industrial Injection Molding Solution
    2. Industrial Injection Molding Solution Simply tell us your requirements, or send us your design drawings, and our mold designers, backed by extensive experience, will carry out die sinking in a short period of time. This same experience also allows us to focus on the mold precision and service life ...